Tax Law

Innovating Panamanian Tax Consultancy

At López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm we know Panamanian taxes are a sensitive issue: On one hand, the State needs to have support from taxpayers to fulfill its duties and, on the other hand, taxpayers are entitled to structure their business so that they only generate such taxes as those demanded by law.

Through innovating advisories, our team of Consultants made up of attorneys, accountants and expert auditors in Panamanian Tax Law has vast experience to guide you in the creation and operation of your business and your personal assets so that you can optimize your tax load in compliance with the Panamanian laws.

Tax Services

In Tax Law we offer the following services:

  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Drafting and review of Income Tax Returns in Panama, Republic of Panama
  • Requests for Tax Report
  • Applications for tax reviews and refunding
  • Tax Exemption and Incentive Procedures
  • International Tax Planning
  • Tax Advisory in Double Taxation Treaties
  • Transnational Tax Structures