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Real Estate Law in Panama

Legal advice in Real Estate law in Panama

Since 1993 we have been serving housing developers, real estate brokers and real estate owners in the legal and financial structuring of their operations. At López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm, we have contributed to add value to our clients’ businesses, and we have  helped prospective real estate owners avoid troubles, providing them with legal certainty and ease of mind for their operations.

Our legal services include:

Counseling for Real Estate Companies and Potential Buyers

Regardless of the size of your real estate operation, an early assistance in the legal matters of the business and a timely structuring will help you maximize your profit and protect yourself from eventual threats.

For prospective buyers looking to invest in panamanian real estates, we provide a comprehensive review of their legal options and contracts review, in order to attain the full range of benefits that the law provides to foreign investors and retirees, as well as to avoid known pitfalls.

With many years of experience in servicing promoters and real estate brokers, we also offer an excellent service in structuring the different parts of your business: Land acquisition and handling, State approvals and permits, financing, outsourcing and construction, labor relations and unions, marketing and sale and post-sale assistance.

Due Diligence

López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm performs a comprehensive examination and analysis of corporations, businesses and properties for our clients who are willing to invest in real estate or property or are trying to enhance the organizational performance of a firm.

We render valuable due diligence reports and business analyses for our client base which are an integral part of the decision-making and negotiation processes.

We offer confidential, reasonable, objective research that serves as ideal supplement to your in-house resources. Projects are customized according to the client’s needs. We keep the strictest confidence in every contracting process.

Condominiums – Horizontal Properties

We provide a wide range of legal services in Condominium matters to clients including real estate promoters, co-owners associations and owners of property under Condominium systems.

We act for real estate promoters in the creation of commercial and residential condominiums under the laws of Panama including the acquisition and use of land, design of co-owners documents, closing services and registration of title.

We assist in the design of by-laws and incorporation of Owners’ associations; the establishment of the first owners’ association and the transition of actual control from the developer to the co-owners.

We also act for Owners’ Associations and individual Co-owners in the settlement of conflicts arising from their regular duties and from the relations with other co-owners.


Start your contractual relations on sound bases avoiding any unforeseeable risks when you begin a transaction thanks to our comprehensive contract review: Normally, 80% of all legal problems could be avoided if a small initial investment was made for the review of contracts that give rise to the commercial operation.

López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm analyses your legal documents and contracts concerning the purchase, sale, lease and/or conveyance of property and funding thereof and gives advise in observance of your best interests and drafts any type of contract, from single leases to complex financial and real estate operations.

Legal administration of Lands and Property

We assist business clients and individuals in the legal administration of their land and real estate:

  • Possessory rights,
  • Land titles,
  • Real estate appraisal,
  • Real estate taxes,
  • Tax exemptions and incentives,
  • Wealth protection strategies, and
  • Strong representation of our clients’ interests,
  • Litigations.

Procedures and Formalities

The lack of skill and qualified personnel can delay your procedures with governmental offices and this could make you waste your valuable time and money for your operation.

At López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm we all have significant experience making our practices in the most diverse state agencies and we know how important the human component is for speeding up your procedures.

To help you optimize the time your procedures take and improve your cash flow, we put our team at your disposal to manage your real estate procedures, like drafting minutes, drawing up deeds, making purchase and sale contracts and registrations with the public and land registries, among others.

Settlement of Conflicts

For the settlement of conflicts that could endanger your rights and interests, we offer an energetic legal representation: From the amicable conciliation and settlement to the litigation and defense of your interests before the courts of Justice, López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm is devoted to your well-being.

Our attorneys’ team and our network of experts have proven experience in ordinary and superior courts as well as in the Supreme Court of Justice.