Panama Offshore Corporations

Panama Offshore Company: Companies from US$850*

In López, Morales y Chiari we offer Panama Offshore Companies from US$850* with attractive value-added options for you.

* plus taxes.

Panama Offshore Company Package

Details of the Panama Offshore Company Package US$850*.

Our Panama Offshore Company Package offer the following features:

  1. Corporate social pact registered with the Public Registry of Panama
  2. Incorporation translation in English – if requested
  3. Certificates of Shares of the Company
  4. Copy of payment receipt of the first annual company franchise taxes fee
  5. First year annual Law Firm’s Resident Agent Fee
  6. One hour of legal consultation at our offices or telephone

*Please add government taxes to the price of the company: 7% ITBMS and $300 first annual fee.

Additional options for your Panama Offshore Company

You can add one of the following options to your Panama Company Standard Package:

  1. Opening of Bank Account in Panama service:
    Assistance with opening a corporate bank account, subject to the requirements and conditions of the bank. Includes document management, post office box usage and sending bank documents (online access, checkbooks, cards, pin) by courier. For more information about our Opening of Bank Account in Panama service, click here »
    Value: US$ 750*
  2. Appointment of Nominee Directors:
    Our firm appoints the directors of your corporation to protect your privacy.
    Value: US$ 400* annual
    Includes general power of the corporation authenticated by Apostille
  3. Apostille – certification of the Company
    An apostille is a special seal applied by an authority to certify that a document is a true copy of an original. Apostilles are available in countries which signed the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, popularly known as The Hague Convention, and Panama is a signatory to the agreement.
    Certification of the Company is issued by the Public Registry of Panama and is a summary of the company’s legal information.  Your panamanian company can function perfectly well without the certification and without the authentication, but some institutions require them to carry out certain procedures, such as opening bank accounts or foreign company registration. We recommend that you request them with your company to avoid delays and future expenses.
    Apostille Authentication Service Value: US$ 100*
    Certificate Issuing Service Value: US$100*

*Please add government taxes to these prices: 7% ITBMS.

Complementary services for your company in Panama

Additionally, at López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm we offer the following added value services:

  1. Legal domiciliation of your company in Panama:
    To establish the legal address of your company in our offices in Panama. The service includes:
    •    Register your address to the General Direction of Revenues (Offshore Companies) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance
    •    Use our physical address in your documents, stationery, website and other
    •    PO Box in Panama, with reception and forwarding of mail
    •    Local phone reception or custom call forwarding
    •    Meeting room11Restrictions apply.Value: US$ 600* per year
  2. Accounting Management:
    To bring your operation to Panama without having to hire staff or purchase equipment, we offer:
    •    Prepare and issue invoices, statements
    •    Management of collections
    •    Prepare and issue payment of sales taxes
    •    Reception and forwarding of emails
    •    Perform scheduled monthly payments by the customer
    •    Administrative handling of company requirements
    •    General Accounting Services
    •    Monthly Financial StatementsValue: US$ 350* per month

*Please add government 7% of sales taxes.

Characteristics of Panama Ofshore Companies

For your information and convenience, we have collected additional detailed information about Panama Offshore Companies:

Panama Limited Liability Companies – or Corporations – are legal entities governed by law 32 of February 26, 1927 and Decree Law No. 5 of 1997, which offer the combined benefits of tax exemption, privacy, limited liability and capacity to own property and operate global legal and business transactions.

Such companies may be incorporated by persons of any nationality. If you prefer to protect your privacy, we may also appoint directors and managers for your company.

Through Panama Companies that our firm offers, you can get:

  1. A company with which you can make international trade operations and protect your assets
  2. Total exemption from Panamanian taxes on your international trade operations
  3. Nominee directors of our firm to ensure your privacy
  4. A general authorization for you to control and manage your business
  5. A representative office in Panama, with phone and mail handling
  6. A bank account in dollars in Panama in the name of your company
  7. Legal advice from our team of lawyers
  8. Free support during the life of your corporation
  9. Care of your paperwork in Panama at affordable prices

A company registered under the name of your choice is registered in 3 business days. The company’s name should include any of the following words at the end of its name: Incorporation, Corporation, Sociedad Anonima, Inc., Corp., S. A.

Among the benefits you can get from a company in Panama are:

  • Privacy and anonymity. Information for shareholders and beneficial owners of the company is confidential information
  • Representation by lawyers
  • Limited Liability
  • Does not require an initial outlay of capital
  • Exemption from all local taxes when revenues are earned outside of Panama
  • Exemption from payment of taxes on capital
  • Annual renewal and affordable maintenance
  • They may have assets outside the territory of Panama
  • They can operate commercially and legally worldwide

In addition, when you acquire a Panama Company with López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm, you may request legal advice regarding the objectives to be achieved through the use of your company. Our legal team will be delighted to serve you.

Panama is a country dedicated primarily to service that offers great advantages through its limited liability companies, or corporations, for investments, assets protect and commercial operations anywhere in the world.

Due to its historical background, geographical location, infrastructure, logistics and service sector, Panama offers the following advantages:

  1. Monetary system based on U.S. dollar
  2. Total freedom to buy and sell currencies
  3. Banking sector bank presence in the world, with high levels of government supervision and strength for their account holders
  4. Advanced telecommunications infrastructure, with the latest technology
  5. Excellent maritime and air transport options. Daily flights to the United States, South America and Europe
  6. High legal, political and social stability. Panama offers one of the highest levels of public security in the region
  7. Investment grade BBB, Fitch Ratings, from 2011
  8. Exemption from income tax for business transactions made outside of Panama; of International Maritime Commerce revenues obtained by Panamanian-flagged merchant ships; on earnings or profits of corporations when they operate out of Panama; and of interest earned in savings accounts and time deposits, even in Panamanian bank accounts.

Our firm conducts a legal practice in strict compliance with established regulations by national authorities and the banking sector of Panama.

For the incorporation of your Panamanian Company, our firm complies meticulously with the requirements of the “Know Your Customer” policy that authorities require to ensure the legality of the transactions carried out with these companies and bank accounts.

For making your company, it is required to meet the following requirements:

  1. Panamanian Company Application Form duly completed and signed
  2. Letter of Indemnity duly completed and signed
  3. If the Directors and Officers are appointed by the client, and they are not Panamanian, notarized copy of passport for each of the directors and officers
  4. Bank and business references

For your convenience, we have our Panamanian Company Application Form online, so you can anticipate submitting this information electronically for verification purposes, before they are physically sent through the mail.

Our firm: Experts in Offshore Solutions in Panama

With over 23 years of experience in offshore solutions in Panama and in the formation, registration and administration of companies, we have a specialized team to meet your needs with an excellent cost-benefit ratio for you.

Taking advantage of our experience and services related to the opening of Panama Ofsshore Companies you can structure your operations to:

  • Minimize taxes.
  • Protect your assets.
  • Keep your privacy.
  • Limit your responsibilities.

Our team is at your disposal to assist you in your needs. Contact us without compromise!