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Government Contracting Services

Experienced Lawyers in Government Contracting Services in Panama

In López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm our experts in Government Contracting have the experience our customers need.

To determine what type of company form, how to deal with the enforcement of existing regulations, and handling complaints and disputes, we offer a strong and firm representation to protect your interests.

We represent clients in the bidding process and in claims and lawsuits against the government, and in disputes with subcontractors, partners and competitors.

In your business dealings with the Panamanian Government and the Panama Canal Authority, We advice you throughout the cycle of your project.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of Tenders and Government Contracts
  • Complaints, petitions and appeals
  • Presentation of Accounts and the State Collection
  • Lobbying and Negotiations
  • Litigation and Arbitration