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Corporate and Business Law in Panama

For the opening and structuring of your business in Panama or to enhance and protect an existing business, López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm offers a wide range of efficient professional services and legal advice.

Our legal services include:

Opening of Business in Panama

The first steps in the opening of your new business in Panama are the most important steps you will take to secure the protection of your interests in the long term: having a business which is intelligently structured will help you minimize your exposure to potential risks and optimize your financial and tax performance.

At López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm we guide you and assist you in the organization of your new project in the most advantageous way for you:

  1. We incorporate your business through the creation of Panamanian or foreign company,
  2. We draft the governing documents and contracts required,
  3. We process the corresponding commercial licenses, patents and trademarks, and
  4. Help you with opening your bank accounts.

Permanent Legal Advice

In López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm we offer to our clients our Permanent Legal Advice service through monthly agreed fees, collaborating with you throughout the whole process.

Apart from assisting you in the incorporation of your business in Panama, our professional team expert in Law, Finances and Accounting will advise you in the development of your business, thus becoming your strategic partners: Many times our advisory services have been the key to generate business opportunities and added value to our clients.

If you need external advisors who can examine your conditions from the outside and guide you in the enhancement of your business, you can count on us!

Trademark Registration and Intellectual Property

The new information technologies allow a fast spreading of artistic and intellectual creations and press for the efficient protection of your trademarks and intellectual heritage.

At López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm we provide comprehensive consultancy services for the procurement and protection of your trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property. We assist you in the creation of your legal protection strategy concerning your intangible assets; we draft and process applications to be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama; we make licensing agreements and defend your interests when any of your trademarks or intellectual property are being misused.

Settlement of Conflicts

For the settlement of conflicts that could endanger your rights and interests, we offer an energetic legal representation: From the amicable conciliation and settlement to the litigation and defense of your interests before the courts of Justice, López, Morales y Chiari – Panama Attorney Law Firm is devoted to your well-being.

Our attorneys’ team and our network of experts have proven experience in ordinary and superior courts as well as in the Supreme Court of Justice.